Adrenal Fatigue & Me

I just didn’t feel right. Something was off, but I wasn’t sure what. I was tired. Oh, so very tired. Tired to the point where all I wanted was to sleep and slept as often as I was given a chance. I couldn’t concentrate. My brain felt thick. Sometimes the room would feel like it was moving- like I was on a boat- when clearly I wasn’t. I couldn’t seem to lose weight. I would snap at any little thing- oh the anger I would feel. I was overwhelmed with life. I would get dizzy, anxious, and feel deeply depressed. All without reason. I had trouble sleeping- and staying asleep- even though I was tired. When I did sleep, it wasn’t restful sleep. The sugar cravings… the amount of hair found in my tub each morning… feeling like my nerves were literally frayed.

This is me.

Let me clarify some things- I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’m a busy, working mom of 4- I’m always going to be tired. It is hard to put into words, but it had all changed from a “normal” to a “something is off”. 

I’m a big proponent of listening to your body. I just knew something was off. I called my PCP and after visiting with him, he ran some blood work. My fasting blood sugar was a little high- but nothing improving my diet and exercise wouldn’t help. Same thing with my blood pressure. Nothing major. That was it. Not the answers I was looking for.

So, I reached out to some of my natural minded friends. One of them referred me to her website where she had written about adrenal fatigue. Jill is a family herbalist and I’ve known her for years. She is definitely someone I trust and someone who has helped me before. The more I read about adrenal fatigue, the more I wondered if it was the root of my problems. Especially since STRESS is a BIG factor and I tend to feel very stressed out.

Thankfully, Jill has wrote about how to heal your adrenals and I am starting the process. I just started this week- eliminating caffeine, drastically reducing sugar, and I ordered some of the supplements she shared on her page. I need to start feeling better and I’m hopeful that in a few weeks I will. I’m not looking for a quick fix, but just overall health!

Do you struggle with adrenal fatigue?

If you are interested in natural living, check out Jill’s website below!

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